Wednesday, August 20, 2014


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"Everyone has a lullaby that stays with them long after their childhood fades. It’ll creep into your conscience when the darkness becomes too overwhelming. That’s how it began. With a lullaby. Just ‘playing a game.’ Just 'touching.' But then we grew up and it became more than that. Much, much, more. 

 Sam had been so many different things for me, over the years. My role model, my best friend, my lover, but where it mattered? On paper? At birth? He was my brother… My twin brother." 

Bianca Ellis has it all. Fame, fortune and an unending supply of her favorite whiskey. But when a tabloid gone wrong unearths something illicit from her childhood, she'll have to travel across Tennessee to go back to where it all began. She's got it all planned, until she rear-ends 23 year old college dropout, Toby.

(Sabotage is due for release, January 2015)

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