Thursday, August 14, 2014

Little Miss Lately

So, I don't update Little Miss as often as I should
and I can blame that on my eat/sleep/rave/repeat schedule, or rather, 6am starts, eight hour shifts
and editing articles for Elite Daily in between the sneaky glass of scotch or wine and winter escapes
down the local cocktail lounge.

Here's a little recap of what's happened this year, thus far:

1.  I turned 21!

2. I began my hairstyling apprenticeship and I have the coolest boss. Yay!

2. I started my column with Elite Daily, which you can find by clicking the above link.

3.  I became a bridesmaid (What is it with all my best mates tying the knot?)

4. Also became an auntie (again.) (Congratulations to my brother!)

5. I began writing my second novel Sabotage, which is its third trimester. (My little 150 page baby is growing! ;))

6. I decided South Australia was home. Boo to Melbourne! ;)

7. I went blonde, then brunette, then ombre.

8. I got to shoot implied nudity in the diameter of a square box.

9. My column continues to grow :) A big thank to you all my lovely new, readers.


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